New Show Based on Poker Circuit

Besides his winning at the live texas holdem poker events, Salsberg is planning to work on a new television series at the live poker circuit. In the last year, Salsberg has won more than $50,000, and now he wants to share his experience with the man on the street, and share the experience of more than fifty poker stars with young poker stars.

The show is based on poker players in twentieth century. It is a comedy show but based on reality also, and aims to be the first show that will entertain fans in the gambling arena. Today, you can also check poker movies and other entertainment series. With this television show, they are trying to target a large audience – and the competition for eyeballs is something that Salsberg will thrive upon.

There was poker show in the past named Tilt, but it was based on fiction only not on reality. The serial was telecast at ESPN in 2005, and was a drama show which was organized for entertainment not for the education. In his new show, Salsberg is trying to capture the reality of poker world, whilst also giving viewers a glimpse of the surreal world of professional poker players.

Poker players will also explain you how to win a lot of money or how to win any poker game, as well as how to deal with opponents at the table – sp.ometimes, even friends become enemy at the final table.

PokerStars Starts Bulgaria Operations

PokerStars is a premier company that has reliable operations in online casino games in different countries.

Being owned by Amaya Gaming Company, PokerStars has expanded its brand presence not only as an online website operator, but for the live tournaments and events that it runs in different countries. With the success of the different operations and tours that it has conducted over the years, it is an organization that has a reliable presence in this market. Indeed, there is a fine line between profitability and adhering to the local regulations which cover activities like gambling and other online games. Being sensitive to community requirements as well as abiding by local legal norms has been the recipe behind the success that PokerStars has seen in setting up operations in different countries.

There has been recent news about PokerStars having started operations in Portugal. This is a new market for the company and its site has recently received the approvals from SRIJ to start off online gaming as well as gambling activities as approved by the license issued. This new operation is in line with Bulgaria, where again the company has started off operations. Continue reading “PokerStars Starts Bulgaria Operations”

Malfunctioned Poker Machine Surprised Many

World Casino slot machine malfunctioned and it gave surprises to in the form of cash prizes.

Some people played on poker machine without knowing of malfunction and they won a jackpot of up to 56 million Dollars. However, later the won was made null and void and winners were given a steak dinner instead of winning amount.

A woman from New York played on Resorts World Casino slot machine and she got the big winning amount. Woman though it is a big day for her, but, later when she came at resort to collect money, she was told near 56 million Dollar figure displayed at the machine was a technical glitch. And what she got instead of the big winning amount is a steak dinner.

Similar thing happened with Katrina Bookman to. She visited the Queens casino in New York and started playing on one of the poker machines placed on the floor. Bookman surprised to check that she has won the jackpot of $42,949,642.76. When went to officials to claim her prize, she was asked to go back and come next day. The next day she was informed she did not win the amount, instead it was the malfunctioning of the machine. She also got a steak dinner in casino in exchange of winning amount. Continue reading “Malfunctioned Poker Machine Surprised Many”

Unibet Poker Traffic Changes

Unibet poker sits in the 11th place as per the poker traffic online report that is published by PokerScout.

Even if it has not made it to the top ten positions as yet the traffic to this site has continued to grow. This has come about since the venture has separated from MPN and has set up its own network of poker. This is powered by the venture Relax Gaming. This has been a change that has come about two years back. The online ring games have grown on this site as well. As per year on year data the company has seen 36.8 percent growth. This has resulted from 475 seats moving to 650 seats.

Unibet Poker has put its focus on improving the ecosystem of its network. It has been focusing on getting more recreational players on board than merely focusing on ring games for regular competitors. The company prohibits third party tracking software such as poker tracking or HUDs. It has also stopped seating scripts from running. At the same time there are several promotions offered through the year which help keep the players in and to help them find it lucrative to play on this platform. Continue reading “Unibet Poker Traffic Changes”

Research reveals that eSports revenues will reach US$ 463 million in 2016

Chinese company Sina Sports and the Global Poker League signed a contract earlier this week which sees Sina Sports become Official Digital Partner of Global Poker League in China, giving the Global Poker League massive exposure in the nation.

Part of the media release connected to this new collaboration states that the Global Poker League, in spite of being poker-based, is not a hazarding league, but is instead an eSport that focuses totally on interaction and competition with fans of the different franchises.

eSports is a huge business. Since Atari booked Space Invaders Championship in the year 1980, a contest that pulled in 10000 participants throughout the America, eSports scene has burst with global profits set to hit some US$ 463 million in the year 2016, up 43% from in the year 2015, as per a research conducted by Newzoo.

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Card Player Player of the Year 2015 – Zamani makes it to Top Ten

Previous week was another one of the super-busy time of the year in terms of Card Player Player of the Year race movement. In the past action filled week, a lot of the events made a grand impact on POY standings.
The Main Event of the World Series of Poker no-limit hold’em systematically awards the most Player of the Year points of any event every year. With a huge pack (6420 players in 2015) and a grand buy-in of US$ 10000 this event awards the single biggest POY bounty of the year to eventual champ: 3300 points, which is quite enough at present to move a player inside top twenty even if they had no other final table scores.

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