New Show Based on Poker Circuit

Besides his winning at the live texas holdem poker events, Salsberg is planning to work on a new television series at the live poker circuit. In the last year, Salsberg has won more than $50,000, and now he wants to share his experience with the man on the street, and share the experience of more than fifty poker stars with young poker stars.

The show is based on poker players in twentieth century. It is a comedy show but based on reality also, and aims to be the first show that will entertain fans in the gambling arena. Today, you can also check poker movies and other entertainment series. With this television show, they are trying to target a large audience – and the competition for eyeballs is something that Salsberg will thrive upon.

There was poker show in the past named Tilt, but it was based on fiction only not on reality. The serial was telecast at ESPN in 2005, and was a drama show which was organized for entertainment not for the education. In his new show, Salsberg is trying to capture the reality of poker world, whilst also giving viewers a glimpse of the surreal world of professional poker players.

Poker players will also explain you how to win a lot of money or how to win any poker game, as well as how to deal with opponents at the table – sp.ometimes, even friends become enemy at the final table.

Card Player Player of the Year 2015 – Zamani makes it to Top Ten

Previous week was another one of the super-busy time of the year in terms of Card Player Player of the Year race movement. In the past action filled week, a lot of the events made a grand impact on POY standings.
The Main Event of the World Series of Poker no-limit hold’em systematically awards the most Player of the Year points of any event every year. With a huge pack (6420 players in 2015) and a grand buy-in of US$ 10000 this event awards the single biggest POY bounty of the year to eventual champ: 3300 points, which is quite enough at present to move a player inside top twenty even if they had no other final table scores.

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Simon Trumper few accomplishments cement his standing in the poker industry

The televised Late Night Poker series provides an opportunity for top-notch players to showcase their skills to a wide audience. Simon Trumper has won the games series II and has a runner-up finish in series IV.

Trumper straddles many games that attract players from different nationals, high stakes and has won plethora amounts of money at these high profile tournaments. With a concise resume that is dotted with a few wins here and there, you will hardly believe his total live tournaments winnings are wrung out from poker only. Undoubtedly, he cannot be over-praised but his record speaks for itself as poker is convoluted and tough. Fans can judge, however, an experienced player in the game will objectively agree Trumper is worth a fete for his amazing accomplishments in the poker arenas.

At the WSOP, he has placed fourth in the 2001 $3,000 NLHE event and a fifth position in the 2005 $10,000 pot limit Omaha event but is yet to show up in the World Poker Tour. In 2005, he sailed through to the fourth phase of the €2,000 World Heads-Up Championship that raked in €3,250. Read more »

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